Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Statistics


Each month, on average, more than 400 pedestrians are killed in America - that's roughly the equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every single month.  Source: Transportation for America, "Dangerous by Design."  TAKE ACTION

By Maryland law, bicycles are vehicles, and bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles – but bicycles are less visible, quieter, and don’t have a protective barrier around them. Motorists should drive carefully around a bicyclist; even a slight mistake can result in death. Bicyclists fare best when they act like and are treated as drivers of vehicles. Learn more HERE. View the Bicycle Booklet.

The Law Officer's Guide to Bicycle Safety

A helpful site with video:

The League of American Bicyclist's Group Biking Information - Click Here.

Competence & Confidence: A Bicycling Guide for Adults

Watch Maryland's new bicycle safety video - It’s chock full of great tips on how to be a safer cyclist in Maryland.

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